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The Race Issue


The race issue is a problematic dilemma of the U.S., which negatively affects the relations between students and provokes the formation of a negative attitude of white people to people of color, which is reflected in the position that immigrants cause a growth of criminal activity and do not want to work. The race problem needs studying and designing a specific program, which will focus on the development of a strategy to combat racial discrimination.

The Race Issue

Race discrimination remains a significant problem in the U.S. The investigation has shown that race discrimination is usually a reason why immigrants are unwilling to work and pay taxes. According to the report of the Community Service Society, 50% of black men in New York City do not have a job (Chow, 2013). Native Americans claim that the government neglect the problem and consider it unworthy of attention. The Guardian investigation has revealed that the race problem is also reflected in the police officers’ aggressive attitude to black people that causes a growth of cases of killing unarmed black people. The group of the specialists headed by Dr. Joshua Correll decided to conduct an experiment, which concerned the racial bias of police officers. The interview with police officers showed that approximately 20% of them were not free of the racial bias and needed the special training to overcome racial stereotypes (Correll, Park, Judd, & Wittenbrink, 2007).  

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The study of the race problem in the U.S. has also proven that the level of race discrimination is very high among students. Many international students come to the U.S. with the aim to get a first-class education but as a result, they face racial discrimination and pressure. For example, a student of Mississippi University was sentenced to six months in federal prison for hanging the noose around the statue of James Meredith, who was the first black student of that school (Fleshman, 2015). Another example is when two students were expelled because they were captured on video singing a racist chant on a bus.

The personal attitude to the race issue is perfectly reflected in the phrase of Dale Carnegie “As you treat people, they will treat you.” Thus, the race issue in my own life is not problematic because the positive attitude to all people regardless of race creates a favorable environment. There are many situations when white students and students of color disagree on the importance of the race issue because white students do not experience peer pressure while students of color are often discriminated and have to fight for their rights. Because of constant discrimination, foreign students begin to protect their rights and demand more funding for scholarships and programming in the campus cultural centers to serve the interests of the minority groups. Campus activists request to hire more diverse faculties for foreign students (Chow, 2013). The racial issue also strongly concerns Asian American students, who suffer from the stereotypical prejudice and ethnic discrimination by their peers, which are the results of the minority model. Such hostile environment distracts students from the study and makes it less productive. Moreover, it leads to the destructive activities and makes Asian Americans join gangs for their own protection. The analysis has shown that 65 % of Hmong, Korean, and Vietnamese first-year and second-year students have reported that the U.S. students usually have a negative attitude to them or try to ignore them (Kim & Yeh, 2003).

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The race issue becomes more problematic because of a profound conviction of white people that they are under the constant influence of people of color. For example, students claim that the U.S. government spend too many tax dollars on the education of foreign students. Many white people consider that foreigners are the main culprits of the criminal activity growth because they accept robberies and drugs distribution as an easy income, which is much better than hard everyday work (Fleshman, 2015). 


Racial discrimination is a widespread problem in the contemporary society, which needs an immediate involvement of the government in designing the program to encourage domestic and international students to visit the special courses, which will help to develop ethical aspects and learn more about issues of race, class, sexuality, and gender. The race problem will disappear when people begin to accept the cultural difference and inequality system within the U.S. society and be more human to each other.

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