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10 Ways of Fighting Hate Crime

Human beings on any face of earth hold equal rights to possession of resources and opportunities regardless of individual’s race, age, religion, and gender. Different hate groups in the world today have violated human rights by practicing biased activities. These activities, which may include murder, sexual harassment, are directed to vulnerable victims. These victims are maltreated since they lack the common similarity. For a long period, renowned people have influenced citizens in fighting racism. Many groups formed involve people who fight against those that do not belong to their race, religion, and culture. There are several religions in the world today, which include Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhism. Prejudice is very common and is seen normal by human beings from different racial backgrounds. It has single-handedly instigated and accelerated hate incidents around the globe.

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Organizations have been formed in order to curtail the increasing growth rate of the hate groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks and exposes the activities performed by these hate groups. Southern Poverty Law firm aids the law enforcement agencies in identifying these illegal proceedings, and reports these acts to the public and the media. According to Southern Poverty Law Centre, courts aid in curtailing violent acts performed by the hate groups. Practically, they decided to present such crimes to the courts in order to diminish these organized hate groups. Victims are supposed to report such cases to the Southern Poverty Law Center in order to receive aid. The law center represents these victims in the courts without charging any fee. This is because various supporters established the centre to cater for the victims’ fee. This mechanism caters for all members of the society who are financially incapacitated. The financially challenged get the opportunity to enjoy justice once they present their cases.

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Citizens are at liberty to report hate cases to the law enforcement agencies in order to have them addressed legally. The Southern Poverty Law Centre, therefore, has offered training sessions for officers at the local, state, and federal levels in the law agencies. Training sessions equip the officers with knowledge on how to recognize the hate groups. A cohort of officers has been trained in many countries especially in the United States. According to Southern Poverty Law Centre, these officers recognize hate incidents reported in the law agencies. This training was offered to the officers in the law enforcement agencies without any fee.

According to Southern Poverty Law Centre, teachers are supposed to educate tolerance among the students in order to curb hate incidences that may develop. Schools are environments composed of diversified children from different backgrounds. These children originate from various races, religions. In order to prevent hate groups in the future generation, these children are taught about equality and justice in their classrooms. Exercising justice and equality should be a norm in the school fraternity. Through such coexistence, children are able to appreciate one another regardless of background. Eventually, hate incidences are reduced in schools. The Southern Poverty Law Centre has drained its efforts in educating educators in schools on how to deal with hate crimes in the contexts. Its award-winning magazine known as teaching tolerance magazine has provided adequate information to curb and deal with hate crimes in schools. Other information sources include multimedia teaching kits, online curricula.

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According to Southern Poverty Law Centre, educators should possess knowledge on how to handle the diversified students in the classroom. They should customize their perception of different students in the classroom. Practices performed by these educators should promote justice and equality in school. Teaching diverse students’ initiative is an online project provided by Southern Poverty Law Centre that guides the educators. This online project has improved the quality of teaching experienced by the racially and ethnically different students. Hate crimes caused by racial disparities have also reduced in schools thus fostering academic and social success.

Southern Poverty Law Centre also marks a day, annually, when the students share a meal regardless of race. Students from different racial backgrounds mingle and share lunch together. During this day, each student shares a meal with a student from a different race. The students get to appreciate and know more about each other. This mix-up clears off any misunderstanding among the diversified students. This method goes a long way to clear up any racial barriers among the students. Practically, this helps to inhibit hate incidents in the schools. Southern Poverty Law Centre puts more effort in discarding hate incidents in schools, in order to secure the future of a diversified nation. Awareness is created among students about the consequences of hate crimes caused by racial and ethnic disparities.

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According to Southern Poverty Law Centre, immigrants in different countries have the right to work in good environments. Many immigrants in different countries have endured hate violent acts. They are subjected to heavy duties and paid off limited wages. The immigrants report such cases to the law enforcement agencies for justice to be exercised. Failure for any action from the law agency, Southern Poverty Law Centre files lawsuits in the courts the federal government to act. Southern Poverty Law Centre also takes the initiative to advocate for proper treatment towards immigrants. They educate the citizens and media on how to treat the immigrants. Through this education, they change their attitude towards the immigrants. In order to aid in curbing hate incidences in the society, citizens should report such cases, and appreciate one another.

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