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Special Education Laws and Legislation

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) is a law made by the United State federal law, to protect children with learning disabilities. In the past, these children were considered a burden in the community. Most of them would be segregated and left out for the worst. In worse circumstances, the people are treated in an inhuman manner. Law comes at a time when it was most needed. The law protects such children to have the right to education like all the other children in the state. The act addresses young children to those of the age of 18 years old. The children with disabilities attended public school where they did not receive much attention as they required.

When the law was enacted, most of these children were enrolled in their respective schools. Each student was sent to school that would help him or her learn effectively and be given the attention they required. In these schools, they learnt at their ability (espanol 2010). This act has five main sections. These are section 501-employment of individuals, section 502-transport, section 503-employment under the federal act, section 504- non discrimination in programs and activities by federal finance, section 505- non discrimination by the federal agency and public law 95-602 (Horne 1996).

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The rehabilitation act addresses that children with learning disabilities should not be discriminated under any circumstances. The law favors such children that to have access to education with an individualized education plan. It further highlights that a child with ant disability that affect his or her learning, is eligible for benefits from IDEA. However, if the child can learn well without any shortcomings, then they are entitled to access education but have no benefits from IDEA.

Child fund refers to the laws which focus on situating and identifying children with special needs with their families. The child fund has guidelines they use to identify children. Child funding makes sure that there is no child with a disability that is left out. These children are then put in the intervention programs or preschool special education. This also ensures that they create awareness about these children. They go to the remote area to locate the disabled children and help them come up.

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Transport in the disabilities law refers to the privileges that the special needs children are given. The law asserts that these children are to be transported to and from school. The state provides a bus that transports these children on behalf of the unit. This privilege can only favor the children that have been enrolled in the special programs and schools. The few children that are located in areas that are extremely remote are not left out. These children are entitled to a transport allowance which will facilitate them going to school.

The law that speaks of no child is left behind, is responsible for ensuring that all the children are given equal opportunities to high-quality education. This means that there is no prejudice in choosing and identifying the children. They are also entitled to education assessment programs under the division of reauthorization. The rehabilitation act supports the availability of information technology facilities to the special children.

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Special children and employees with disabilities have a right to access information by the use of modern technology. These facilities must be made available for them. The act favors this category of workers to equal access and use of these equipments like all other citizens. In terms of employment, the act also protects these people against all form of discrimination. It entails that a person with a challenged mental or learning ability be given an equal chance to prove their workmanship.

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