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U.S. Constitution and Bills of Rights

The constitution and the bills of right article is a very important article for all governments. This is because it helps the citizens to understand what they expect from the government and also know their rights. According to Marsh (2004), the constitution and bill of rights article contains rules that citizens are expected to follow. The article also contains the basic principles which are considered important for the government and the entire country. The U.S. constitution and bills of rights article has various institutional and personal rights that are supposed to be followed. However, this paper highlights institution power and personal right that I consider important and institution power and personal right that I would remove if given a chance.

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Amendment twenty four, section one highlights how citizens are supposed to vote. According to the article, the citizens of the U.S. have the right to vote in any election for the president, vice president or senator. The article further explains that a citizen should not be denied the right by any reason for example failure to pay taxes. This is a very important institution power and personal right because the citizens have a voice which means that they should choose someone that they are comfortable with. Citizens should take part in the building of the nation which begins with voting for leaders who they have faith and trust in; leaders who are capable of bringing change and development. Denying citizens the right to vote is a sign of dictatorship which stagnates the development of a country which is not healthy.

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On the other hand, the amendment twenty two section one highlights and explains factors that should be put into consideration when electing a president. According to the amendment section, a president should only be elected to the office for a long period of time; election should be less than two times. The section further explains that “no person who has held the office of president or acted as president for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected president shall be elected to the office president more than once.” However, this does not apply to a person who was in the position during the proposal of the article. This institution power should be removed. This is because the period of time should not be an issue so long as a person is performing well. A person can be in office for a short period of time and do a lot of nothing. On the other hand, a person can be in the office for a long period of time and do a lot of work which leads to the overall change and development of the country. It is therefore important to give each person adequate time for him or her to show the kind of change that he or she can bring.

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The government should therefore add an amendment that explains the factors to consider when reelecting a candidate. The government should always consider the performance of an individual. If a person does not plan and engage in development projects within a specified period of time, then the government has a right of putting such a person on probation. It is important for people to be put on probation which is a way of assessing and improving their performance.

In conclusion, the bills of rights are considered very important to the constitution. Alacon, Parker and Sundem (2005) point out that the rules that have been put in place help the government not to have too much power over the rights of people. The government has a responsibility of protecting people living in that country at all times. This can only happen by drafting and amending a constitution and bills of right that not only seeks to guide citizens but also prevent violation of human rights.

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