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Business Law
  1. I. The law of torts protects certain interests such as personal security through the cause of action forms. Defamation tort is subject to damage of a person's reputation. Trespass tort entails interference of ones enjoyment to their property, while nuisance tort is the interference of a neighbor property.
  2. II. This case deals with harm inflicted on another party due to negligence, involving that a breach of a civil duty. This harm is not only refers to physical injuries but also constitutional rights, violation of property, economic and emotional harm.
  3. III. Liability in tort law is reliant on the base whether fault or it may be strict. Basically, fault liability is not being in a position to actually live to the standard of the stated act or mission. There are two types of fault liability: liability may be due to an intentional act, and negligent act.
  4. IV. Consumer habits are hardly ever constant and they keep on changing their habits with time. However, this does not give the consumer to change their minds on a product, especially when it is indicated that they are never reaccepted once they are sold.
  5. V. Of late the common law system does not recognize consideration in a big magnitude as a requirement. The notion of estoppels is derived to make major obligations during pre-contractual negotiations (Miller & Jentz, 2007).
  6. VI. A contract is a lawfully obligatory agreement between two or more parties which is law, enforceable if all the accepted elements are present and it is breached. The main agenda of the law of the contract is the framework to foresee the mandate to conclude and the consequences of contracts.
  7. VII. Consideration is not necessary part of a biding contract. However, estoppels are found in the common law to enable a party conducts its acts in a way that symbolizes they agreed and prevents them from denying the agreement.

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